autonomy for your mobile robot

We love making robots useful everywhere! Our state-of-the-art robotics solutions make your product an autonomous robot. Our solutions include:


Making your robots aware of their location, enabling them to make plans and navigate the environment.


Moving your robots from A to B using state of the art motion planning techniques.


Creating environmental awareness (a world model) for your robots using various sensors such as camera, lidar or radar.


Tying everything together to make sure your desired robot behavior is realized.


You are developing a robot that is different from all other robots. We understand this. That’s why we provide autonomy for any robot. We make sure it is up and running in no time. Navigating in your area of application with world-class quality. Trust us. We’ve done it before. Just take a look at these examples.

A Little bit more about us

Start-up TU/e

RUVU was founded in December 2017 as a start-up originating from the robotics labs of the TU Eindhoven. We apply knowledge gathered in over a decade of robotics research to make robots autonomous. We’ve had revenue from customer orders from day 1.

We still hold office in the Eindhoven region, named the Smartest Community in the World, and the region that brought us iconic companies such as ASML, Philips, DAF and many more.


RUVU software solutions are compatible with a multitude of sensors of many brands, including GPS RTK, ultra wide band (UWB), laser scanners (LiDaR), depth cameras, and many more. Just a small sample of manufacturers we’ve worked with:

Swift Navigation




Pozyx Ultra Wideband

Meet our Team

Our permanent team is backed by a network of robotics engineers and students at the University of Technology Eindhoven,
enabling us to quickly scale when needed, and tap into recent research and technology.

Rokus Ottervanger

Ramon Wijnands

Paul Verhoeckx


We love to hear about your robotics challenges!

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