Developing an Autonomous Mobile Robot?

As an automation professional you’re always looking for innovative ways to increase your customers’ efficiency. You need to have control over your products and their development, but you don’t have time to gather robotics expertise in house. Then, RUVU Robotics is your partner in mobile robotics. Curious what we can do for you?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. as of 1 January 2022 we have been acquired by Nobleo Technology!
We are very excited to join forces build more autonomous mobile robots in the future. For more info, you can read the (Dutch) press release here.

That’s right.

RUVU Robotics does not build robots. We provide the software that controls mobile robots. We do have partners who build robots and robot parts, so if you have a great idea for a mobile robot product, just send us a message. One of our partners or other contacts may be able to help you build your robot.

Here’s one for you: what does that mean?

Do you want your robot to position itself at millimeter accuracy with respect to some arbitrary coordinate frame in the world? That is going to be hard for any system. Even if you have a sensor that can achieve such accuracy, you will need another system that’s even more accurate to calibrate it.

Or do you want your robot to do the task well and efficiently? Accurate docking at a docking station, for example, can be done by closing the feedback loop locally. Sensing the docking station, or its direct environment provides enough information to find the docking station quickly and accurately.

Think of it this way: when you park your car, you don’t need the exact GPS coordinates to position accurately and avoid collisions. You may find your way to the right address using your global reference system (GPS) but you park based on local sensor data.

By looking at your specific positioning challenge, RUVU Robotics helps you to select the right sensors and provides the necessary software to achieve your accuracy requirements.


Simultaneous Localization and Mapping or SLAM is one of the building blocks at the foundation of modern robotics. The capability to build a map and simultaneously localize within that map is essential in almost every robot application. We wouldn’t be much of a robotics company if we wouldn’t be able to deploy this. But we only integrate it if it’s necessary, and when we do, we make sure your robot works with the best algorithm available.


The most frequently used technique for positioning of mobile robots is Lidar localization, which uses the range measurements of a (safety) Lidar and compares this to a known map. This is sometimes called Natural Feature Navigation or Natural Navigation. However, there are many more techniques for a mobile robot to determine its position. We help you pick the best (combination of) techniques to solve your robot’s challenges.

By the way, knowing where you are, and knowing how to get from A to B are two separate challenges for mobile robots. If you’re interested, read our blog post about that.

RUVU Robotics works in three stages:

  • Integration of the RUVU navCore on your robot. This way, you can see what’s possible, and we get to know your robot and your application’s challenges.
  • Customization of the control software for your application. This tailors our software to be the perfect fit for your mobile robot and its application.
  • Deployment of your robots. We help you to deploy your robots in pilot projects. In the meantime we provide you with all the necessary tools to deploy and service your robots yourself.

Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Yes (and yes).

The Robot Operating System (ROS) is an open source framework that’s widely used in academia, but it’s taking over in the industry as well. ROS provides tooling for inter-process communication, visualization of sensor data and the robot state, simulation of robots and much more. Dozens of companies and volunteers have spent hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of combined hours to build a robust software framework and implementations alike.

RUVU Robotics builds on top of all of this combined effort with proprietary software components that fit in this open framework. That’s how we guarantee the quality of our software.

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